HD Responsibility

HD Responsibility comprises charitable initiatives of Professor Humayon Dar, with a focus on helping the disadvantaged by doing little things that can help achieve greater social goods.

HD Responsibility

Pen for the Poor Campaign

By picking up goodies (from conferences, seminars and other social events), many of the professionals can bring happiness to poor children in developing countries. HD runs a “Pen for the Poor” campaign, which involves collecting pens from conferences, seminars, hotels etc. to give them away to the poor children in schools. Many of HD’s friends contribute to this initiative by collecting pens for the poor.

HD Visits

HD has recently started a new campaign to promote Islamic financial literacy amongst children. As part of HD Visits, Professor Humayon Dar delivers lectures on different aspects of Islamic banking and finance at schools in UK and the overseas. HD delivered a lecture on the prohibition of interest in Islam at Bancroft’s School London on January 29, 2014, which was attended by Muslim pupils in the age bracket of 11-16. The schools interested in arranging a HD Visit may kindly write on info@humayondar.com.

HD Responsibility

In the Name of Allah, With Reference to Rasul Allah (SAW), and For Deserving People Campaign

This is a charity appeal to help the poor and other deserving people. The individuals and businesses may contribute from one rupee, one pound to hundreds of thousands of rupees or any other currency.