About HD

Professor Humayon Dar – HD – is an Islamic economist, futurist, writer, Shari’a advisor, academic entrepreneur, philosopher and a transformational thinker, specialising in Islamic banking and finance. He earned his name by working closely with some of the most influential Shari’a scholars, families and financial institutions in the world. He used his academic credentials and structuring skills to offer tailor-made faith-based solutions to some leading families in the Middle East and Asia. Through his extensive network of contacts in politics, leading business families and financial institutions, he developed business opportunities for his clients both from the Western world and in the emerging economies of Asia.

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HD is currently serving as Chairman of Edbiz Corporation, a London-based holding company that has business interests in the Islamic world, and owns Edbiz Consulting, a financial consulting firm doing projects in Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia and some other countries in the OIC-block.

He is a leading spokesman for the Islamic financial services industry, and has played lead roles in a number of global initiatives for the development of Islamic finance. He is a Visiting Professor in a number of universities in Pakistan, Malaysia and UK.

As an Islamic financial innovator, he has helped a number of banks and financial institutions in developing cutting-edge products such as Islamic derivatives and structured products, Shari’a compliant short selling and structuring of Islamic hedge funds. His most recent contribution to the Islamic financial industry is the first-ever Islamic Socially Responsible Investing – SRI – screening methodology. He is Editor-in-Chief of the Global Islamic Finance Report – an annual publication he has founded and whose fourth issue is due to come out at the end of March 2013. He is also Editor-in-Chief of Islamic Finance Review (ISFIRE) – a quarterly magazine published by Edbiz Consulting from London. As an influential opinion-maker in the OIC countries, he is widely interviewed by both the print and electronic media. His blog site http://www.islamiceconomist.com is widely read by the religious intelligentsia around the world.

Professor Dar holds a BSc (Hons) and MSc (both in Islamic Economics) from International Islamic University in Islamabad, where he studied with a number of top Islamic jurists and Muslim thinkers. He also has an MPhil and PhD (both in Economics) from Cambridge University, where he conducted research on Islamic finance. His post-doctoral research has focused exclusively on Islamic economics, banking and finance. Professor Dar also sits on the Board of Directors of Arab British Chamber of Commerce – a high-level body supported by the British government and the governments of the Arab countries.