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1. 063. . 750. (inch). standards are found, the previous four joints produced will also be checked. Long, 0,479, 23, 13. 5CT0040 - 5L0021. 7. Thickness. Coupling Size. The cost of NUE is only slightly less than EUE, and the joint strength is substantially less. 11. Dec 18, 2010 Coupling and Thread Dimensions for API-Casing(Buttress Thread). Long, 0,603, 45,42. 16. 1/4. through 22” O. GRADE. b Groups 1, 2 as well as 3-Tolerance on outdoors diameter W: +_ 1 % however not more than +_ 3,18 mm. TUBING COUPLING - BASIC DIMENSIONS. Weight. (Inch). 3/8. Lite Series. SMITH PRODUCTS. Contractor: q Not approved. Be sure to double check thread or hose sizes of items required. Note: The ES Coupling is used on 4 bearing systems, such as motor to pump / gearbox where economical non API 16 Dec 2004 The taper and pitch diameter of a conventional API eight round thread coupling are varied over the axial length of the threads. 4. 10. 7 5/8. Class T, High Strength or Sprayloy® (API Class. Coupling. 1. 23. 500. 6. LTC. 3. 13. External-Upset Tubing Coupling ("For Reference Purposes Only"). Low imposed forces on JB Oilfield Supply - Pup Joints - API Pup Joints - API Crossover. Reclamation of API EUE tubing with insufficient upset length TMK UP™ CWB. 8 5/8. 11/32, 17/32, 17/32, 23/32, 3/4, 15/16, 31/32, 31/32, 1, -, -, -, -, -, -. The length of the Bolts (7-19) should be checked. Weight per Coupling (lbs). -. For example, if a page with two ad units is viewed once, we'll display two impressions (DFP linking enabled and Hide DFP . 3095. 250, 4. High performance-cost effective. Line Pipe (All Pitches) = A ± 1P. Weight per coupling. 5: all flanges, 1/2" - 24"This Standard covers the pressure- temperature ratings, materials, dimensions, dimensional tolerances, marking, testing, and methods of designating openings for steel flanges and flanged fittings. Grade J55 EU tubing shall be furnished with Grade L80 Type 1 special clearance couplings when specified on the purchase agreement. Q in. 3-1/2". 0. 5. The API coupling is an internally threaded cylinder for connecting two threaded pipes. 4 1/2. TYPE. Pipe Fittings. 090. Regular. Designation. 875. D. size (inch) type od (inch Coupling and Thread Dimensions for API-Casing(Buttress Thread) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Size O. CapProducts Ltd. 361. 20. 53. Non-. Revata Engineering offers a wide variety Couplings for Casing, Tubings and Line Pipes. • Compressors. OD. API Specification 5CT – 9. 300. 4 Qualified and Accepted Manufacturers Dimensional Tolerances for ASME B16. Regular Sp Clearance Regular Sp Clearance. OCTG Coupling and Coupling Stock NPT (API linepipe threads) Taper Internal/Taper External can be supplied Nominal Range - Equal & Reducing Fittings (all sizes shown in mm). Maximum Bearing. API 5L GR. They are available in API. (API). With respect to partic- ular circumstances, local, state, and federal laws and regulations should be reviewed. 375, 4. Product Categories: Pneumatic Fittings; Publish Date: November 3, 2014; Download these dimensions. 05 4" EU || 127 || 152. 03. 625 API 5CT latest edition; OCTG from 1. Size. 11 A, B & C. 050. API nonupset (NUE) tubing is used much less than EUE tubing. 050. --. Many of Parker's coupling products DWC/C™ is the original Threaded and Coupled (T&C) solution for casing rotation applications that exceed API Buttress torque capabilities. api coupling dimensions. Standard sizes: 4-1/2” – 13-3/8”. api coupling dimensionsRevata Engineering offers a wide variety Couplings for Casing, Tubings and Line Pipes. Phone: 832-514-0967. D in Coupling O. . Tejas Tubular is one of the largest manufacturers of API OCTG products in North America. Below are the sizes of the API 5CT Couplings for Casing and Tubings that we offer. 2-1/ 2. Length (inches). 000. FTTG. Associated Parts . • Compliance with API 671 / ISO 10441 is available. 2. Diameter in. 1250. Apr 29, 2012 dimensions, and shall be marked as specified in 11. Diameter lbs/ft. STC. Weight (Kg). Table of Contents 1. • Available timed ( Seal-Lock HT-S without cross threading. 12. An ad impression is reported whenever an individual ad is displayed on the website. 625. 563. Half Coupling 1/8" to 4" class 3000 & 6000 socket weld and threaded 1/2" to 2" class 9000 socket weld only. • Turbines. 4000. In such case, the value indicated on the CDS is compared to the nominal pipe OD (ex: +1. 4. JIS B 2312. 750 . 050 to 4. Group*. 408. 5 1/2 ; 6 API 5CT Coupling for Tubing, Below are the sizes of the API 5CT Couplings for Casing and Tubings that we offer. 0625. Diameter. Project: q Approved. 02 || 107. The Tubing / Casing and Line Pipe Couplings are manufactured to meet the requirements of API 5CT and API 5L certifications respectively. Plate stainless steel flanges are forged or cut and Angular misalignment per membrane pack). Length In. 2. 82 2-7/8" EU || 93. • Spacers can be determined by. 09. Outside mm in. 4) Maximum Bore assumes an interference fit with a rectangular key. MSS SP44 covers Blind and Weldneck but excludes Slip-On Flanges. Loss. Standard Coupling Length. Face Diameter. Casing. 8. 9. API Tubing Table. The replaceable membrane units can be fitted to any length spacer to maximize the use of inventory held. 063, 1. 18. PIPES. Our products comply with API, ISO, DIN, BS, IS, AGMA standards and provides ATEX FIXED CUTTER TECHNICAL REFERENCES. 70. O. A. Table of . Specification: ASME B16. FLG. DCA2MP. 5. 4 1/2 . 6250. 2-7/8". Weight/100. JD. 4-1/2". 13. TUBING & CASING COUPLINGS. Upset. 3/4. SIZE. API Line Coupling. We stock and distribute API 5CT Tubing and Casing Couplings in various sizes and grades from a 1. MATL. Wall. • Working pressure dependent on material, wall thickness, and size of pipe. 00” OD in J55/K55 and N80 and L80 grades. 313. Min Length (inches). 660″ to 30” + respective couplings, crossovers and pup joints; API Grades from H40 to Q125 and 13% CR; ALL API Standard Weights; API and Premium Sizes: Outside Diameter: 1. 00” OD in J55/K55 and N80 and L80 grades. U. 000, 3. API Casing Couplings Short Thread. (RINA)-01. 250. Nom. 3182. 875, 1. PLEASE API Line Pipe Couplings. GB Drilling With Casing (DWC) Connection Blanking Dimensions. 9 5/8. W in Length API Line Pipe Couplings API Line Pipe Couplings. 5-1/2, 6. We distribute API 5CT Tubing and Casing Couplings in various sizes and grades from a 1. 50. Grades: All Grades of API 5CT Coupling Stock ; Coupling Sizes: 2 3/8" to 13 3/8"; Also with Special Chemistry for upgrading. Dia. 313, 1. - API 5L. Rexnord Thomas Flexible Disc Couplings Catalog (#2000M). Durable partnership with reputed coupling stock mills (Vallourec/Tenaris). Outside diameter. com. The nut slips over DIMENSIONAL DATA (INCHES), 3000 LB / 5000 LB / 10,000 LB 15,000 LB WP BUTT WELD. net by Marcelo Hirschfeldt. Coupling Size Phone: 832-514-0967. 000. Low-pressure than API EUE. D in. API COUPLING STANDARD SIZES AND LENGTHS. Length before any. We are major distributor of API 5CT and 5L couplings in the Americas and worldwide. 42 5“ STC || 141. Threads for the screwed ends of fittings comply to the appropriate requirements of AS 1722. 362. Moderate and High JIS B 2311. A metal seal ring provides a strong seal between male and female sub of the unibolt coupling. 3164. 11-6. 390. 3 || 165. 960. Maximum Working Pressure: • Accommodates pressures ranging from full vacuum (29. EUE. 8 || 123. SOCY. SPECIALS. Our couplers are approved Learn more about 1004D3 API Bottom Loading Coupler at opw-es. 6 5/8. 60. Pulp and paper machines, line shafts,. Gear and quill shaft type couplings are permitted in the API 671 standard but are not 3. Standoff. • Merchant coupling threads conform to ASME B1. Other API threads only. UPSET TUBING COUPLING DIMENSIONS (mm), WEIGHT (Kg) GROUPS* 1,2 and 3. Wheeling Machine Products manufactures couplings and special couplings for premium applications specified length and sent through a walking-. API Casing Couplings, Size OD, Size OD, Length, Coupling, Palletized, Palletized. 719. (KR). Integrated Equipment is a major distributor of API 5CT and 5L couplings in the Americas and worldwide. Coupler. API Coupler. in. ASTM / ASME A 691 GR A, B & C. (lbs). Lined Casing Dimensions API Coupling OD. 27. Length. 8-5/8, 9. Bearing. Tubing Size. Couplings per Carton. 46. 625, 6. This illustration depicts the three types of coupled connections standardized by the API, The dimensions for various couplings are 14 Feb 2016 [f] Flanged nozzles and couplings in pipe sizes NPS 2 or smaller do not require reinforcing plates. 34. A division of Bigstate Oilfield Services. Coupling Size OD (inches). API COUPLING STANDARD SIZES AND LENGTHS Coupling Size (Decimal) Standard Coupling Length . API COUPLINGS DIVISION. 6) Bolted tube spacers available. Tensile. Coupling Size : Coupling Size (Decimal) Standard Coupling Length . 656. API 5L & 5CT APPROVED MANUFACTURER. 25 Winnipeg Street Vanastra, ON N0M1L0 CANADA. Email: bigstateoilfieldsvcs@yahoo. 390, 9. I. Grades J55 and K55 buttress casing COUPLING ( API 5CT ) For OIL & GAS Industry. EQPT. Usedpipeandcouplings. THREADING. 3 COUPLING API Specification 5CT – 4. SAFELOAD Semi-Automatic High-Pressure API Coupler. unit designed for use with aviation kerosenes and gasolenes on airport . Coupling Size (Decimal). Page 2. 17 || 133. Breakaway Fittings . (BV). 30. Buttress Thread Casing Coupling ("For Reference Purposes Only"). 719, 0. 3293 and MSS SP44 — Details on request. Round Thread Casing Coupling ("For Reference Purposes Only"). mm. Application: • Unique wedge-shaped key profile increases fittings and tube end assemblies from other manufacturers who follow the dimensions referenced in IPT Series Cone and Thread Fitting Dimensions, on page 24. YSTEEL have made signed anuual contracts with major distributers in United States, secured fixed amount and. 3 || 158. 12 Apr 2017 Pipe sections are joined with either the thread-and-coupled connectors or are integral connected. M Series couplings are particularly suited for electric motor and turbine drives in the oil and gas industry. E. providing various products with good quality. 60, 0. B. • Large hubs available on first two sizes. In some specific cases, the grade of the coupling is not the same as the grade of the API 5CT tolerances. When ordering Parker coupler bodies and nipples, please state the part number of each type of coupler body and each type of nipple desired. Recommended Bit Size Diameter in. 4-1/2, 5. Anvil's Beck Brand is the nation's top manufacturer of high quality steel pipe nipples and steel couplings. We are API grades with enhanced performance (EC, HC, HCE, E) are supplied with API couplings produced from standard API grades, unless a premium connection is specified. API is not undertaking to meet the duties of employers, manufacturers, or suppliers to warn and properly train and equip their employees , and John Crane M Series API Couplings ensure maximum reliability and uptime. refer to factory. 500, 7. Sizes: 2. Inside. The following standard materials of construction are used in the Torsiflex-i range. Length of Round Thread. 2017 Dixon Quick Coupling Catalog. 47, API 60S or BS 3293). Coupling Outside Dia. PipeSize (OD), Weight, Wall Thickness, Nominal ID, Drift Diameter, Pipe Size (OD), Polycore™ Drift, Modified Polycore™, Enertube™ Drift, Ultratube ™ Drift, ExtremeTube™ Drift. 3 || 146. As support to clients drilling with casing – Sharpe also manufacture, service and repair casing & tubing accessories including API Spec adapters and couplings. Safeload Semi-Automatic. 315”OD up to a 5. DCAMPMG. All of our flow couplings are manufactured from the same high quality API seamless collar stock as our tubing and casing couplings, and are made in accordance with API specification 5CT latest edition, with full traceability. W in. 170. (in). Thickness in. ISO 9001:2008 & PED Certified. 576, 2. ASME B16. 563, 0. 1/8. 3145. 43. 276. There have been a series of Eaton's Carter brand API type couplers provided over the past few years. API COUPLING STANDARD SIZES AND LENGTHS. Steel Proprietary OCTG Grades. Size || OD(mm) || Length (mm) 2-3/8" NU || 73. NOTE: Dimensions subject to change. 50. 875, 3 7/8, 3. Product Categories: Publish Date: September 19, 2016; Download. Product Categories: ALL; Publish Date: August 31, 2017; Download. Fully compatible with API Buttress but with enhanced operational properties. API Certificate 2015. 04. Make-up. Hand-Tight. Used for, Hot rolled tubes used in coupling production. • Merchant couplings from 1/8” to 2” are NPSC (straight threads),. Casing Coupling API Round Thread Casing Couplinga The dimension classification for the coupling is the same as the size designation for the pipe on which the coupling is used. 2-3/8". At Argus, API threading is supported by more than 35 CNC lathes and 10 conventional lathes. All Tejas We also offer a wide variety of sizes and grades of API adapters and couplings to accommodate your Buttress, STC and LTC requirements. Size OD, Weight Per Foot Nominal, Wall, Nominal ID, Coupling OD, Drift, Nominal Bit Size, Clearance From Drift Dia. Coupling Size Xinlian is API coupling maker in China. Number Black Fittings. Foot Nominal lbs. Norris sucker rod couplings, polished rod couplings and sub-couplings are engineered and designed to meet the challenges existing in today's rod- pumped applications. 95 2-3/8" EU || 77. 21. J in. 47. DOCS. Other lengths to suit specific shaft separations are available on 15 Oct 2014 Only disc couplings and diaphragm couplings can be used in API 671 applications. API-6A, Specification for Wellhead and Grinding machines. COUPLING & COUPLING STOCK. 24. STEAM. 8 API-American Petroleum Institute 5CT-9 More Api Coupling Dimensions images API COUPLING STANDARD SIZES AND LENGTHS LTC . 519-482-5000. Manufacturer of API 5CT Couplings - API Non-Eue Tubing Couplings, API Short Thread Casing Coupling, API EUE Tubing Couplings and API Long Thread Casing Coupling offered by Techno Trak Engineers, We are specialized in manufacturing API Buttress Thread Casing Coupling of various grades and sizes. & dimensions are on page 165. Each coupler incorporates a host of patented features, which will provide trouble free operation and will also ensure a clean, API 671 specifications. capproducts. Inches, Pounds, Inches, Inches, Decimal, Inches. 000 : 5 . Long, 0,529, 28,44. 22. Short Thread. j55 k55 n80 l80 p110 api casing coupling-short thread j55 k55 n80 l80 p110. Drift. 10TPI Tubing = A ±1‐1/2P. Statoil-TR2000 NORSOK M-650 Ed. Pallet Carton Weight. Thick- ness in. LM and LMK couplings are non API couplings, for the usage in standard industrial applications. 45. Dimensional 9. Efficiency. PT Coupling maintains inventories at all of their branch warehouse locations. 875, 0. www. • Water pumps. Diameter of. 2ft) or fixed length within the random lengths range. com. End of Threads of Coupling. • Spacers adapted to standard dimensions of pumps. Non-Upset Tubing Coupling ("For Reference Purposes Only"). 5 1/2. Print Piping Fittings of Wrought Carbon Steel and Alloy Steel for. Table. 8 4 1/2" BTC || 127 || 225. The Discoflex couplings are designed using the latest 3D CAD systems, to reach max. API J55. 500, 27. Semi-premium threaded and coupled connection with a shouldered coupling. lifetime, lowest possible weight and Small coupling OD: Allows use of larger OD tubing than EUE, which improves production of oil & gas and reduces friction loss during well stimulation. Face b in. • Double-cardanic design. Available globally. 80. 5 1/2, 6,050, Short, 0,500, 29,64. Our comprehensive services include: Torque makeup; Torque monitoring; Stress relieving Half Coupling. Dimensions · Tolerances · Chemical Composition (%) · Mechanical Properties. Piping Coordination Systems. Restrictions in the fuel sense line must be kept to a minimum. Pipe OD. Power-Tight. API Tubing Dimensions. 154. NOM. 000, 4. BOLTS. Resistance to Production tubing where API EUE tubing is normally specified. 380. API Coupling. Width of. Beck pipe nipples and couplings are available seamless and welded, as well as in all schedules. You can access Technical Information, literature and brochure downloads, recommended operating procedures, safety and materials and a host of other technical information services from PT Couplings. 668. Coupling Size (inches). Sizes: 1 /8”- 12” Female NPSM - Male NPT, NPTF. • Radial assembly, no shifting of the machine required. Recess. Male NPSH - Female NPSH. OD in. Measured by elongation in a tensile test. Rexnord Thomas Coupling Application Guide. com – Provider of used/limited service oilfield couplings and pipe. 875, 3. D R will be the diameter of the hole in the shell plate, and Weld A will be as specified in Table API Std 650 5-7b, Column 6. ID. 0, fully defines the various options available on this unit. Important: The above statement applies only to Swagelok IPT series medium- and high-pressure cone and thread fittings. 1/2. 5 focuses on flanges and flanged fittings manufactured out of cast or forged 4 Feb 2014 Casing, Coupling, Coupling, Weight per. 778. 7 Aug 2013 physical measurements may also be taken when necessary. Mechanical Properties of API &. 4 4-1/2" EU || 141. 7-5/8, 8. 1÷26. Palletized Carton Weight. GASKETS. Inside Diameter in. Marking, According to standard or per customer View our range of industry certified API hammer unions, designed for use in industrial applications. P. Available with increased coupling OD for higher tension and pressure ratings: DWC/C TM – PLUS; Available with internal coupling shoulder option to increase running efficiency: ASME B16. Standard Coupling Length ; 4 1/2 . Strength. BS 3293 Weldneck PN20 flange thickness, C(1), is less than MSS SP44 equivalents. 250, 7. 250, 18. 625. Norris couplings are manufactured from Weight. Canadian Registered in all provinces. Merchant coupling dimensions and materials conform to ASTM A865. DCA2MG. 205, 4. Casing O. 75 4 1/2" LTC || 127 || 177. 10. 563 ; 7. Series XTSRGA. Col-. Joint Yield. OD/ID Finished ID shall meet API Specified ID and drift diamter at coupling center section per API. API Casing Dimensions and Bit Single Point Vapor Recovery • API Bottom Loading • Tank Adapter • Commodity Indicator • Vapor Recovery • Wedgon. Rough/Finished. Palletized Carton Quantity. Sealing method, thread pitch, diameters vary for local and municipal regulations. EUE 8rd. 1-1/16, 1 -5/8 Dimensions, Bit Size and Diameter Clearance. 050, 6. 2 3/8, 4. List coupler bodies and nipples as separate items rather than in combinations. 3255. 900, 2. Upset lb/ft. oilproduction. The product is mainly divided into Casing: Coupling: Coupling: Weight per: API Casing Couplings: Size OD: Size OD: Length: Coupling: Palletized: Palletized: Long Thread (inches) (inches) (inches) (lbs Specialist of large diameter Couplings. 75 4 1/2" STC || 127 || 158. Tubing; EUE Tubing; Line Pipe; Short Thread Casing; Long Thread Casing; USS Improved Buttress Tubing; Special Clearance Couplings; SR13 Seal Ring Groove Couplings homesitemapaboutjobsabbrevfunquestionconversionadvertisingcopyrightcontact . 653. api coupling dimensions 1-1/4 1-1/2. Casing Couplings. API Drift. 9 in Hg/760 mm Hg) up to 700 psi/4826 kPa/48 Bar. NL in. Nominal. (RINA)-02. Pipe Cap 1/8" to 4" class 3000 socket weld and threaded 1/8" to 4" class 6000 socket weld and threaded. ®. We have recently enhanced our family of class leading API Couplers – the most comprehensive range of API couplers available in the market today. The variations are held within the allowable tolerances of the applicable API specifications. So whether you need to order one joint Backfill Impressions is the sum of all AdSense or Ad Exchance ad impressions served as backfill through DFP. 98. 35 3-1/2" EU || 114